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The death of a loved one is a terrible thing for the people that they leave behind.

Family members experience great sadness and pain. The loss can even cause serious money problems for the grieving family.

Funeral costs alone can put family members in tough times, struggling to make ends meet when they are dealing with the loss of their loved one. This is often the case when the deceased was also the primary earner for the family.

When a person dies due to the actions of another person, their family can look to what is known as a “wrongful death claim” to get payment for their hardships.

At Jezic & Moyse, we have worked with many grieving families in wrongful death claims. While nothing can fix the pain from the death of a loved one, the person or persons who caused the death should be held responsible for the costs of their actions.

Wrongful Death Claims in Maryland

Batimore car accident lawyerThere are many ways wrongful deaths can happen, including:

Maryland Law Regarding Wrongful Death

In Maryland, “primary beneficiaries” of the deceased – meaning a wife, husband, children or parents — usually file these claims. When primary beneficiaries are unable or unwilling to file a claim, secondary beneficiaries may sometimes file a claim. These could be brothers and sisters, cousins, nieces, nephews and other relatives.

Recovering Damages for Wrongful Death

A family filing a wrongful death claim often looks for payment for a number of the problems that resulted from the death of their loved one. This includes emotional pain, suffering and the loss of companionship. It can also include funeral expenses, medical bills, loss of income and future care of surviving family members.

While there is a $2 million cap on emotional damages in Maryland, there is not a cap on financial damages.

Proving Wrongful Death in Maryland

Certain things must be proven in order to win a wrongful death claim. That includes proving that another party was responsible and that they had what is called a “duty of care” — meaning that it was up to them to make sure that the action leading to the injuries of the deceased did not happen in the first place.

It is important to remember that there are time limits on wrongful death claims in Maryland. The wrongful death attorneys at Jezic & Moyse have helped many families in their time of grief to get payment for the loss of a loved one.

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