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“Premises liability law” might sound complicated, but it is actually a pretty simple idea.

This type of law is based on the idea that people should be safe when they are on another person’s property, especially if it is a public place or if they were invited to that place. Basically, a person shouldn’t be put in harm’s way by the condition of the place they are visiting.

If someone is hurt because the property owner – or, in some cases, the renter – doesn’t look after the safety of their property, the injured person might be able to get payment for their injuries.

silver spring personal injury lawyerExamples of Dangerous Property Conditions

Conditions that sometimes lead to injuries include:

  • Flooring Condition – loose, broken or slick flooring
  • Broken or Loose Steps
  • Broken Handrails
  • Jagged or Broken Glass
  • Falling Ceilings or Light Fixtures
  • Exposed Wiring

Many premises liability cases involve falls. Slips and falls are very dangerous, especially to older adults. They can lead to traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and broken bones (ankles, wrists, hips, etc.). The premises liability attorneys at Jezic & Moyse have helped many people who have suffered these types of injuries to make sure they get the help they need.

Who Can Pursue Premises Liability Cases?

If a person is a guest on another’s property, or is there with the owner’s permission, then that person can take legal action if they are injured on the property. This includes people who are injured on public property. Trespassers, or someone who comes onto a piece of property without permission, are not usually successful in these types of cases.

What To Do If Injured on Another’s Property

    • Get the names of any witnesses, including their contact information.
    • Take pictures of the property or ask your witnesses to do it. Security cameras might also be helpful if they recorded your injury.
    • Don’t admit fault, sign any forms or accept any spoken or written agreements or settlements on the spot.
    • Contact your attorney as soon as possible.
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